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Loyalty service

The holders of HUMO cards may enjoy various bonus programs, launched by their issuing banks. The service allows the national card holders to choose the best offers from stores and brands, while the business representatives may directly interact with their customers. 

The loyalty program is based on a simple cash-back mechanism, that is, the return of a part of the money for purchases from the HUMO card program partners, as well as to have reward points or bonuses.

For businesses

The HUMO continues to introduce in Uzbekistan contactless payment technology, which has been already successfully operating all over the world. It has significantly changed the shopping experience - payment of small purchases can now be very prompt, just by the card touching. Your benefits: 1. Prompt customer service. 2. Customers choose more convenient payment methods - your customers will be satisfied. 3. An innovation that benefits both you and your customers. How to get in use a contactless payment terminal? To receive a terminal for your own use, you can contact any of the branches of the Participating Banks. Be the first to offer your customers modern payment options!

For sellers

Contactless payments mean more served customers, fewer queues! The purpose of the seller is a satisfied buyer. If the purchase price is 50 000 soums or less, offer the buyer to pay it in a convenient contactless way, without entering PIN code. They will certainly appreciate it, and you will be able to pay more attention to each client. Simple - the payment of the purchase is effected at the moment when the buyer touches the card against the terminal. Follow the instructions - text messages on the terminal screen indicate a successful payment of the purchase, rejection of the payment or the need to enter a PIN code. Safe - after paying for the purchase, the terminal issues a receipt confirming the transaction or the reasons for rejecting the payment.

Integration with international payment systems

At the meeting held on 27 March, the Central Bank and MasterCard signed a memorandum on mutual development. MasterCard is ready to help the market of Uzbekistan develop. However, this does not mean that this company has obtained monopoly rights. This is only a MasterCard’s desire to help Uzbekistan rise to the level that it should have to reach several years ago - these are contactless payments, payments through a QR code. Mastercard is ready to assist in preparing the banking infrastructure for quick and easy integration with GooglePay, ApplePay, and Samsung Pay if the latter enter the market. They have such experience in Russia and Kazakhstan.

At the same time, we are working with Visa and UnionPay, and about to complete the integration. This means the installation of more than 200,000 terminals in Uzbekistan before the end of this year and accepting of Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay and Humo. As early as April, we will ensure an acquiring of Visa and MasterCard. This integration is already under completion. In April, most banks will be equipped with terminals to accept all four systems.

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