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Receipt and service

Plastic card contains:

  1. Name and surname of the plastic card holder
  2. Company (official) name of a legal entity or a self-employed entrepreneur - if the card is opened to the legal entity or the self-employed entrepreneur
  3. Personal plastic card number
  4. Full company name of the plastic card issuer
  5. An issuing bank logo of the and the HUMO logo
  6. Plastic card validity

Another part of the information is embedded into the microprocessor (chip) located on the card. Information from the chip is read by special devices called card readers. Electronic terminals (POS-terminals), as well as automatic cash dispensers (ATMs) are equipped with card readers.

The full list of banks that have already began issuing HUMO cards can be found at List of banks. HUMO card is already issued by the largest banks.


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