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Virtual reception of the Director of the Humo payment system of the National Interbank Processing Centre

If you have unsolved issues, complaints and suggestions regarding the services of the Humo payment system,
You can contact the Director of the Humo payment system.

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Public offer

Dear users!

You are given an opportunity of sending applications electronically directly to Director of the Humo payment system. At the same time, the application sent by you is official.

With respect thereto, we ask you not to forget the following:

  1. If you address as physical person you need to specify a surname (a name, a middle name), place of residence datails and the purpose of application should be stated. In the application of the legal entity, full name of the legal entity, the location information shall be specified (postal address) and the application essence should be stated.

  2. Please note! Submission of applications containing slander, insults and false denunciations is forbidden.

  3. Also we want to remind that you can be refused consideration of the application on grounds of:

    • an incorrectness of contents of the message (obscene or abusive phrasings, threats, offers with no logic and sense, etc.);
    • the text of the message contains unclear acronyms or promotional materials, doesn't contain specific statements, claims or offers.
    • submission of commercial proposals, invitations to various events and any other information not related to banking activities. Such information you may send by mail

  4. Also the application of the same user containing a question on which the answer was repeatedly provided isn't considered, if new arguments or circumstances aren't given in the application.

These requirements are established on the basis of the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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