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Advantages of the system
Dual interface Dual interface
Dual interface Dual interface cards (contact and contactless ones at the same time)
Types of cards Types of cards
Types of cards Transport, student, family and other types of cards with various facilities for customers
Payment without a PIN code Payment without a PIN code
Payment without a PIN code Payment of small amounts without a PIN code
Flexible system Flexible system
Flexible system A flexible system for creating and managing card products
Quick! Reliable! Convenient!

Contactless cards do not need to pass into the hands of the cashier in the store or the waiter in the restaurant. Thus, less than outsiders will be able to spy on the data card.

One more advantage is the increased service life of the card, since it is less exposed to mechanical stress - it does not need to be taken out of the wallet, inserted into the payment device.

100000 terminals
purchased to create the necessary infrastructure
up to 50000 sum
contactless payment does not require confirmation
The Humo payment system

The Humo payment system offers to all its customers innovative payment methods by contactless technologies. To do this, all our cards and terminals are equipped with contactless payment functionality.

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